Ice blocking date & deals.

Date night: Sushi Picnic + ice blocking! So much fun (till the sprinklers came on!) I also thought it’d be exciting to try octopus. Worst idea of my life. Gross.

So the Dkeals Ive found for this specific date are b

elow, as well as a list of items we used on the date that would be good to pack along when you go. Enjoy!

Things for Ice blocking and picnic:

Ice blocks ($2 each, local grocer)

Towels to go over Ice blocks (so you dont get wet) Click here for THE BIG one beach towels from Kohls on sale (Reg $29.99 on sale for $8) . Use promo code SCORE for $10 off $30

Picnic blanket: on sale at Macys HERE (reg $50 on sale for $15)

Sushi (local grocer.. $27 with octopus included.. save $5 and DONT get the yuck octopus.)

This Ozark Trail 30-ounce vacuum-sealed tumbler is on sale for $5.. if you’re needing a cup for Hot or cold drinks. (Reg $9.74 on sale for $5)  note only the Green color is on sale.